Dairy products.

         Milk is one of the important products in human feeding. Especially milk useful for children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and middle age people. Milk and a great many milk products bring in variety to our feeding, improve the taste, increase sustenance of our food and have a huge dietetically and healing significance. Among human food variety, milk has an exceptional importance…. food, prepared by nature, differing with an easy digestible and sustenance, as compared with other variety of food. If, by convention, divide on tree groups all substances necessary for human organism to be found in products;

          Energetic (satisfactory human energy requirement);
          Plastic (cell and tissues structure);
          Regulatory (involve in metabolism process),

         be sure, that in milk you can found all tree groups.
First – carbohydrate and adipose, Second - protein and mineral resources, Third – microelements, vitamins and enzymes.

         By opinion of dietitians, physiologists and pediatricians milk and milk products have a huge significance for the intellectual and physical growth and development of children. Milk irreplaceable for feeding emaciated, overworked and depressed people. Milk increase resistibility of organism and normalize metabolism.
         Milk which is produced at “Haci Camalhan” farm has a best quality. High quality dairy farming achieved by organization of right milking procedure, effective remedy for hygiene and maintenance of general hygiene and sanitary conditions. Cooperation with Swedish company “DeLaval” gives everything required for maintenance high level of milk production hygiene.


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