Olive Production.

Olives are one of the first gifts of nature to humanity. Olives in history of humanity always had been a source of youth and strength. Nowadays, olive products are manufactured from the choice descriptions of olives, growing in Azerbaijan same way, as it done by our ancestors.

         By common agreement of scientists, to use olives for food:

          Prevent atherosclerosis development;
          Reduce blood density;
          Standardize blood pressure;
          Decrease cholesterol value in blood;
          Maintain immune system;
          Reduce pain at rheumatism;
          Reduce pain at migraine;
          Help at kidney diseases;
          Regulate acid-base balance;
          Help to discharge renal calculus;
          Improve liver function;
          Normalize gastrointestinal tract work;
          Saturate organism with necessary vitamins
            A, B, C, D, E and with trace elements.


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