Gadji Jamalkhan farm was formed at the beginning of 1997 in Garachala village of Salian region of the Azerbaijan Republic and successfully developed stages of economical development annually and nowadays is successfully functioning.

          The main activity of the farm is stockbreeding, bee breeding, farming, growing agricultural products.

          Comparatively for very short period of time the farm managed to develop stockbreeding, to increase the number of pedigree large-horned cattle to 750 head, from which 220 head of milk and 2000 head of pretty-horned cattle, to create a forage base from them, to regulate meat and dairy production, to increase the total sown area and agricultural fields till 2000 ha, from which 700 ha is privatized, to fill up the park with agricultural technical equipment of foreign production in sufficient amount.

          The mechanical section on agricultural technical equipment service, the forage section, the mill, the dairy and mini preserving factories were built and given to exploitation and by this vacant positions were opened and village population was additionally attracted to work.

          The authority of the farm was able to concentrate agricultural products growing, its partial processing and prepared products realization. Besides, at the end 2003 there were bought and planted 20 thousand of olive and 40 thousand of pomegranate shoots, for further planting and growing 20 ha of gardens.

          As a result of the crop of 2003 the farm made 110 thousand tons of grain crop, 450 tons of fruit and vegetables, produced 50 tons of meat in clear weight, 586 tons of milk, o,3 tons of natural honey, produced 37 tons of dairy products and 180 thousand of fruit and vegetable tins.

          Clear profit of the farm for 2003 was 470 mln. Mantas.
          The average annual number of workers was 84 people.
          We should mention that dairy and fruit and vegetable tins are produced on the modern technological lines on the latest progressive technologies with usage of milk and ecologically pure fruit and vegetable raw materials of natural production.

          The pre-packing, external decoration, group packaging of prepared dairy and preserving products meet the demands of the international standards.

          Pasteurized milk is packed into paper packets of Pur-Pak type of 0,5 and 1,0 l volume. Pickled cheese is packed into vacuum polyethylene packets of net weight of 250;350 gr. Sour cream, cream, yoghurt are packed into polymer glasses of net weight of 200;400;500 gr. All the fruit and vegetable preserving production (fruit, juice, jams, vegetable marinade, salads, olives, snack tins) is packed into glass packets of “Twist-off” type with ring diameters of 43; 66; 82 and volume of 250; 314; 350; 720; 1000 ml.

           Group packing of preserving products is produced into goffered boxes 12 items into each one or into goffered cans 12; 18; 24 items into each one depending on the net weight of the products with thermosetting film in cassettes up to Euro Standards.

          There stock codes, accordance and sanitary certificates on all the assortment of produced dairy and preserving products.

           In order to increase the production output, to improve the quality and to expand the assortment of produced food products the farm is planning to gain and make montage and start-regulating under the cooperation of foreign partners or investors of the following technological equipment:

          A set of computer milk hall and computerized farm control system;
          Under the pressure and drainage irrigation control system;
          A set of technological equipment on the dried milk production;          
          A set of technological equipment on the fruit concentrate and concentrated tomato products production;          
          A set of technological equipment on the irrefined olive oil production.


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